Eager Beaver Child Care and Learning Center

Eager Beaver

Child Care and Learning Center

has been dedicated to caring for children

for over 30 years.

(State Licensed Since 1985)

We pride ourselves on providing a family friendly, home-away-from-home community,

while offering excellent child care and a quality educational program.

Our devotion to the well-being of children is unparalleled.

We offer a safe, healthy, nurturing environment, where children are inspired to become their best.

  Eager Beaver is pleased to provide:

* Quality care for children from 18 months through 6 years

* Full-time care from 7:00am - 5:30pm

* Monday through Friday, year 'round care

* Teachers educated and experienced in Early Childhood and certified in first aid and CPR

* Lunch and 2 snacks daily, included in the tuition price

* Coded keyless entry for safety

* Parent-Teacher partnership

* Daily communication, in person and through a real-time app

* Baby wipes

* Rest mats

*  100% care on premises

*  Best rates around!!!

Our Mission

Weekly Tuition

18 months - 35 months = $205.00

When toilet trained:

36 months - 47 months = $195.00

48 months  and  older   = $185.00

These rates are based on age at the beginning of the school year and will remain the same until the following school year.

Our mission is to create a community  where students, families and teachers are respected and feel a comfortable connection with one another.  We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of young children and giving them the best chance to optimize their opportunities.   We believe in the development of the whole child, which is why we focus on all areas of development.  It is our goal to offer a rich, well-balanced program which will help the individual child develop to his or her fullest potential.

Our Philosophy

We offer the most reasonable child care


Lunch and 2 snacks are provided daily and are included in the tuition price.

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     There is NO registration fee!

A security deposit equivalent to

one week's tuition is required.

This fee goes toward your last

week at the center, provided

a two week notice is given. 

A payment plan can be arranged.

Our Classrooms

Our classrooms follow interesting monthy themes and sub-themes.  Each room participates in age-appropriate activities that are teacher planned and child directed in order to give them the best experience possible.  We provide your child with the  opportunity to become all he or she can be.  This is achieved through free exploration and expression, experimenting, using the thought process, problem solving and asking questions.  Our hands-on projects and activities encourage imagination and are open-ended, allowing for creativity and personal growth.

Our philosophy is based on treating children with kindness and positivity.  Building their self-confidence empowers them to develop happy, healthy, can-do attitudes; they exercise their minds and succeed.   Children are encouraged to be independent learners and thinkers right from the start.  Figuring something out for yourself is much more significant than simply being told or having it done for you.  We embrace the fact that children learn through play.  Our program focuses on their interests and offers creative, hands-on play because that is when learning is most meaningful. 


Amy K - Eager Beaver is a superb child care center.  I have two children that both attended the center from a young age.  I always felt it was a safe and nurturing environment.  I trust the owner 100% and always knew my children were in good hands.  The curriculum was appropriate at each age level and they were taught manners and social skills.  The center was well organized and provided a monthly calendar with activities and skills that would be targeted.  Both my children loved this place and I would highly recommend it!

Sica K. - We appreciate all of the love, gratitude, and kindness Eager Beaver has for each and every one of their students.  When the time came to put our daughter in a day care we interviewed so many different places and we've found that they were the ONLY daycare that made us feel at ease that our child was in good hands, safe, and in a happy, clean, and homey environment.  We are eternally grateful for everyone there and miss you all tremendiously.

Monique S. - We had a great experience at Eager Beaver and highly recommend it!  The staff couldn't be more friendly and caring.  Our son learned so much while attending the school and he always came home excited and proud of his accomplishments.

Melissa C. - When all other teachers turned their back on my son, who was diagnosed with aspbergers, Gail went to bat for him.  She knew what had to be done and knew how to reach my son.  Through her and her caring staff, my son was given back to me.  She was always there with a sharp outlook, smart thinking and a plan to get through.  Any chance I get to recommend Eager Beaver I do so because there is nobody in this world I trust more than her with the lives of my children.

Melissa D - Gail and the Eager Beaver staff are amazing!  They LOVE working and playing with the kids.  They know how to create a professional atmosphere that still feels personal.  My two children (both now in high school) still fondly remember their experience at Eager Beaver.  Eager Beaver goes beyond watching and teaching your kids: they make an effort to help raise your kids, too.

Abby D. (Student  -  )  Some of my most memorable memories of Eager Beaver Day Care were how happy all of the adults were.  They were always showing us children a smile and offering us a helping hand.  The atmosphere was always colorful and had all of our projects hanging on the walls.  I remember always having fun running around outside with the other children and learning with my teachers. 

Sam D.  (Student) - )  When I think back to my time at Eager Beaver, I remember how good I felt when the teachers would let me help them and how they taught me so much.  I learned the numbers 1-100, the alphabet and how to spell.  I remember arts and crafts and playing with Dominoes.  One of my favorite memories is playing with the foot powered race cars and being voted most likely to become a race car driver at kindergarten graduation.